How Do I...?

Get a library card?

  • Bring official photo ID (driver’s license, passport, Whitehall Coplay School ID).
  • Bring proof of address (driver’s license, passport, lease, utility bill) that shows that you live in the areas served by the Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative. Click here to find your home library.
  • Patrons whose municipality does not support a library or patrons from out-of-state will need to pay $40.00 per household per year.
  • You can now request a library card online through our My Account page, as well.

Sign my child up for a library card?

  • Any child six years old and older may come in to get a library card.
  • You (the parent, guardian, or other responsible party) need to have a library card first. Then you can bring in your Drivers License or other photo ID with your current address, along with your child, and we can make that child a card.

Renew a library card?

  • Bring your driver’s license and library card to the front desk. We will update our records and renew your card. If you don't live in an area served by our library cooperative, you'll need to show us the library card from your home library as well.
  • Patrons whose municipality does not support a library or patrons from out-of-state will need to pay $40.00 per household per year.

Download an eBook from EBSCO?

  • Commonwealth Libraries subscribes to EBSCO; this subscription is available for online viewing from Whitehall Township Public Library’s webpage by going to the PowerLibrary and EBSCOhost.

Download material from Overdrive?

Download an eAudioBook?

  • Whitehall Township Public Library subscribes to eBooks and eAudioBooks with Overdrive. This content may be downloaded and saved on various devices.

Renew library material?

  • You can renew any item two times, unless that item is on hold for another patron.
  • During our open hours, you may call the library to ask us to renew your items or come inside and ask at the front desk. Click here for our open hours.
  • You may renew your items at any time through the My Account page.
  • We do *NOT* renew materials based on messages left on our voicemail system.

Return an item to the library?

  • Items may be returned in our yellow parking lot drop boxes or at any LCLC library. We have two drop boxes: One for books and one for audiovisual material (DVDs, recorded books, etc).
  • You may drop items off inside our library during open hours.

Use a library computer?

  • We are currently letting patrons use our public computers for 2-hour sessions.

Access my account from home?

Volunteer at the library?

  • Simply stop in the library and speak with our staff.
  • We accept teen volunteers as part of our Teen Advisory Board (TAB). For more information on TAB, speak with Ms. Santaliz, our Children's Librarian, at 610-432-4339 x209.

Schedule the community room?

  • The community room is currently closed for public use.

Have a test proctored at the library?

  • Contact the library and speak with Susan, Chris, Lorraine, or Andrea. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all materials are shipped from the school or professor and have arrived prior to the test date. The library cannot guarantee absolute silence or that the student will be attended without interruption. To ensure academic honesty is maintained, unless otherwise directed BY THE PROFESSOR – all tests are assumed to be “closed book” (no books, no notes, no Internet). Please ask your professor to e-mail the proctor directly, from their school e-mail account if the test is “open”.
  • Although no fixed fee has been established for proctoring services, a donation to the library is appreciated.

Pay a fine or fees owed to the library?

  • The library currently accepts cash payments, as well as, checks and credit cards.
  • There is a $5.00 minimum for credit and debit cards.
  • Checks should be made payable to: Whitehall Township Public Library. A $40.00 returned check fee will be placed on accounts for all checks that fail to clear the bank.

Connect to wireless?

  • The library employs a “Captive Portal” to authenticate users. This technology is similar to what hotels use. Patrons must agree to abide by an Acceptable Use Policy. A link to accept this policy is displayed when connecting to the Wi-Fi service.
  • Some services or web pages may be blocked. Due to limitations on the filtering method, the library cannot unblock sites on laptop computers. Users who require unfiltered access are asked to sign into a library computer and request unfiltered access at our front desk.
  • The library accepts clean books, DVDs, and other media that are in good shape, besides textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, and VHS tapes. All useable items that are not added to the collection are sold in our book sale.

Send a fax?

  • The library does not offer fax services at this time. We suggest a local office supply business.

Find parking?

  • The library has a spacious parking lot.

Get an Interlibrary Loan?

  • Whitehall residents may request material not owned by Lehigh Carbon Library Cooperative by completing an interlibrary loan form. We will make our best effort to obtain the material; however, if no libraries will allow the book to circulate, we may not be able to meet the request. Please note: patrons with LCLC library affiliation will need to request the book from their home library.

Recommend the library purchase a book?

  • Ask our front desk staff for a purchase request form.

Find a book in our library?